How many times have you been stuck behind vehicles with car wraps that you find yourself reading to pass time at a stoplight? If you’re reading it, your customers and clients are reading it, too. Car wraps should be simple, eye catching, and deliver your message in a way that those who see the vehicle and are in need of your service or product will want to call you.

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Wrap advertising or vehicle wraps (car wraps) are known as the marketing practice of completely or partially covering (wrapping) a vehicle in an advertisement or livery. The result of this process is essentially a mobile billboard. Wrap advertising can be achieved by painting a vehicle’s outer surface, but an increasingly ubiquitous practice in the 21st century involves the use of large vinyl sheets as “decals”. The vinyl sheets can later be removed with relative ease, drastically reducing the costs associated with changing advertisements. While vehicles with large, flat surfaces (such as buses and light-rail carriages) are often used, automobiles can also serve as hosts for wrap advertising, despite consisting of more curved surfaces.

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