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Vehicle Wraps Inc. will transform your food truck into a new and appealing mobile restaurant business with a well-designed, appealing wrap. Using a food truck vinyl wrap to promote your on-wheels restaurant business is the perfect way to advertise your food products, generate new business and retain a loyal customer base.

Food truck wraps are an incredibly cost-effective method of outfitting your vehicle to continuously promote your company’s branding. Your durable vinyl creatives are professionally designed and commercially printed using Vehicle Wraps Inc. state-of-the-art facilities.

Each piece is then masterfully applied to your food truck by our full-time production staff. Nearly every surface of your truck will be covered with careful precision, high-quality graphics, including the rivets and windows.

Vehicle Wraps Inc.’s experienced designers and technicians hand-measure your truck to create a precise template of each piece that will be developed. Using our computer software programs your measurements calculate all of the details in order to create your unique design.

We work with you to determine the exact placement of your logo, color pallets and messaging to come up with the most effective design that’s right for you. After your final approval, the graphic designs are printed onto vinyl and applied to your food truck.

The instantaneous transformation of your food truck into an amazing rolling advertisement for your food business is breathtaking. Make a lasting first impression by marketing your food truck with instant brand recognition, promoting all of your food products. High quality presentation of your food truck, like the menu you advertise, is half the battle in capturing your demographic of the mobile restaurant niche market.

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