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Any business can benefit from having a specialty wrap installed on their company products, vehicles or office. Your unique type, design, and size of specialty wrap is determined by our in-house graphic design team which identifies the most distinguishable features of the vehicle or object to be wrapped.

For instance, new stores, service centers, restaurants, cafes, and other establishments could cut preparation and finishing time by installing specialty wraps on their walls and counters instead of waiting for paint to dry. Offices undergoing renovations can quickly sport a new look simply by using specialty wraps for their walls and yes, even office furniture. You can still chose your wrap from colorful custom graphics, or a wide variety of custom-styled vinyls such as carbon fiber, matte, or chrome.

We apply only vinyl film that’s specifically designed for use with the type of vehicle or object that’s being wrapped. Vehicle Wraps Inc. specialty wraps are produced using durable, weather-resistant 3M vinyl that will last for years to come. For example, any store, service center, restaurant, cafe, and other establishment can reduce preparation and finishing times by listing their services and options installing specialty wraps on their walls and counters instead of waiting for paint to dry.

Update or replace designs in a snap to expand your marketing campaign. VWI specialty wraps are terrific for long-term or short-term advertising campaigns, product launches, event promotions, and re-branding efforts. Any size business can benefit tremendously from a specialty wrap installation.

We can quickly and easily install and remove any wrap. At Vehicle Wraps Inc., your design, print and installation possibilities are endless. Call us today for a free consultation!

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