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Put your trailer to work for you as a mobile advertisement.

When it comes to wrapping a vehicle trailer, Vehicle Wraps Inc. is the professional source for imaginative, noteworthy and effective designs. Trailer wraps are perfect for any type of advertising or event marketing and easy to update over time. A trailer wrap effectively get your message out to thousands of eyes at once as well as providing great protection from the elements. One useful example of a trailer wrap is to display racing promotional logos on your vehicles. That’s a perfect way to announce your team and attract potential new sponsors.

Vehicle Wraps Inc. strives to exceed your expectations with every design and install we deliver and we are confident our seamless installation and professional graphics will look incredible whatever you are transporting. It’s critical to convey information quickly using your trailer as mobile advertising. Our graphic artists are experts in creating stunning and memorable vinyl graphics. Our trailer wraps look professional and serve as an incredibly cost-effective method of promoting your craft. We’ll even design custom wraps for the vehicle that pulls your trailer, creating one cohesive and brand identity.

VWI can produce anything from small horse trailer decals to gigantic tractor trailer full-wraps that blanket an entire trailer stem to stern and top to bottom.

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