Sometimes Simple is Better…

XFINITY dares you to take the X1 Challenge via their mobile billboard.

Xfinity RV Vehicle Wrap Vinyl

Xfinity RV


This minimalist design features cut vinyl lettering that creates an effective advertising campaign; it generates interest (what is the X1 Challenge) and tells the viewer to do something (take the challenge). Design wise the simplistic approach works because of how large the message and RV are, it cuts right to the point without any clutter.

Welcome to the future of printing…

Our direct to garment printer is where efficiency, affordability, premium aesthetic meet. In our opinion, it is the perfect machine for custom apparel.

Why our printer is so great: It’s an actual printer which means you can have as much detail and color as you want. You can also order just one shirt/apron/hat, a few, or many. These features are unlike silk screening, where colors and details are limited and there is usually a minimum order.

We know, we’ve just sold you on getting something custom printed but maybe you’re unsure about your design skills or how to proceed. Don’t worry, we have a team of six full time in-house designers and three customer relations experts who can help you out.


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